I’ve been going to Jelena since 2017. I consider her my life coach. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would accomplish the things that I have since working with Jelena. She is the light, inspiration, peace and guidance that has brought me to such an important and unbelievable point in my life. I’m an actor from Sydney pursuing my acting career in LA. Because of Jelena teaching me and reminding me of my self worth and what I’m actually capable of, I’m at this point in my career. I’m so close to getting what I need for my career to shoot off and through determination, hard work and Love I’m going to get there in a matter of time. Please message me if you want more info about how Jelena has helped me because I can’t stress enough how good she is as a life coach, therapist and all round spiritual healer. Jelena seriously, I love you and thank you for everything.

Ivana Zoric

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